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No Strings Attached book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Micki Hogan's award winning poem titled No Strings.
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His techniques included the rejection of both the illusion of the fourth wall and Stanislavskian acting.

By reversing the conventions in both these areas of dramaturgy, Brecht attempted to interfere with "the automatic transfer of the emotions to the spectator," a phenomenon Brecht deplored as "emotional infection" Chinese Acting, He wished instead for the presentation of dramatic figures 'quite coldly, classically and objectively' "Conversation" 15 " Keen The effects of conscious or unconscious desires to please can even occur when anonymity and privacy are guaranteed.

If the exercise of professional judgment means weeding out the worthwhile fiction from ephemera as it does for book critics and teachers of contemporary fiction, who work without the armature of a teaching canon , then readers' empathy may be a positive feature assisting critical judgment, or it may be an annoying reminder of the power of popularity.


For instance, millions of readers resonated empathetically with the protagonist of Robert James Waller's The Bridges of Madison County , but the MLA Bibliography reports only a single peer-reviewed journal article on the novel. The success of novels such as The Bridges of Madison County demands attention if readers' empathy is to be understood, and certainly should compel respect if the empathy of readers could actually be turned to socially desirable ends. An empathy-inducing blockbuster would be a powerful tool, if feeling readers acted upon their sensations as Martha Nussbaum believes readers of Henry James, Charles Dickens, and George Eliot do.

This widespread conviction represents a continuation of the Victorian critical standard, expressed in countless book reviews, that successful fictional characters command readers' sympathies. In the prevailing circular logic, good novels invite empathy and empathetic responses verify the quality of the novel" Keen This seems to me a counterproductive strategy" Keen However, carrying over the critical habit of elimination of unworthy texts may obscure more than it reveals about human empathy and our appetite for narrative.

Thus I conclude [ Understanding readers' empathy almost certainly requires attending to the novels that real readers choose for themselves and may demand a discomforting de-emphasis of prized qualities of literariness" Keen The naming of characters including the withholding of a name, the use of an abbreviation or a role title in place of a full name, or allegorical or symbolic naming, etc.

What does Empathy mean to you? - Editorial - Happy Healthy Women

The descriptive language through which readers encounter characters is assumed to make a difference content matters! The old 'show, don't tell' shibboleth of creative writing class remains to be verified: direct description of a character's emotional state or circumstances by a third-person narrator may produce empathy in readers just as effectively as indirect implication of emotional states through actions and context.

David S.

Miall has suggested that characters' motives, rather than their traits, account for the affective engagement and self-projection of readers into characters, though it remains unclear when, and at which cues, readers' emotional self-involvement jump-starts the process of interpretation. Bortolussi and Dixon believe that 'transparency,' or the judgment of characters' behavior as sensible and practical, contributes to identification Psychonarratology This may be too simple: even traditional novels are complex, polyvocal, and various, and Wayne Booth offers this sensible caution: "What we call 'involvement' or 'sympathy' or 'identification,' is usually made up of many reactions to author, narrators, observers, and other characters" Rhetoric , my emphasis.

Some way of accounting for the multiplicity of reactions making up a normal novel-reading experience needs to be devised in order to study the transition from distributed characterization in narrative fiction and readers' everyday synthesis of their reactions into an experience of character identification" Keen For instance, Franz Stanzel a major theorist of narrative situation believes that the choice of internal representation of the thoughts and feelings of a character in third-person fiction and the use of first-person selfnarration have a particularly strong effect on readers.

In several studies of Dutch teenagers, W. They conclude "it remains unclear why point of view has no more powerful and no more overall effect on readers, given the effort devoted by authors in order to create these devices that produce a point of view" "Perspectivation" 15 " Keen I have been pursuing the opposite argument, that paratexts cuing readers to understand a work as fictional unleash their emotional responsiveness, in spite of fiction's historical mimicry of nonfictional, testimonial forms.

ADHD, Empathy, and Dopamine

For Lodge, the fact that first-person narration provides writers with the greatest opportunity for the creation of unreliable or discordant narrators plays on the practically automatic trust readers are assumed to bring to their part of the fiction-reading project, but the effect of narrative unreliability can be added to the long list of techniques not yet tested for effects on readers' emotional response" Keen Though the evidence for these effects is still scanty, the faith in the relationship between reading narrative and moral or social benefits is so strong and pervasive that it remains a bedrock assumption of many scholars, philosophers, critics, and cultural commentators.

Real readers are more hesitant about the results that reading has worked in them, however. Return to Book Page. No Strings Attached: A children's tale of love, compassion and empathy. Danny Ray Hogan Illustrator. Micki Hogan's award winning poem titled "No Strings Attached" has been transformed into a children's book. In this endearing tale a puppet learns that even though he is different, he is special. It's what's on the inside that counts!

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All of these people want to make him work.

No Strings Attached: A children's tale of love, compassion and empathy.

Sure, they're starving and about to riot in the streets, but actually showing up to work is really going to cut into his sitting around time. Unfortunately, he might not have a choice. The people are getting angry, and that leads to a journey west, farther tha This week, it's the fairy tale "Youth without Age and Life without Death", from Romania, a tale of love, loss, impossible quests, and acheiving your dreams. Also, why you shouldn't make idle promises to a kid that's just an hour old. It might end with them playing dominos with your horses and taking half of your kingdom's worth of gold.

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Joaquin is out of control. He is riding through town, doubling the rewards on his own wanted posters.