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La théorie des ours bleus ou l'atelier des paradoxes (French Edition). Author: JEAN-PAUL BENTZ. Binding: Kindle Edition. Pages: Publisher: Editions du .
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Chicago Sims, Laura. Analyzing the various memory carriers, including "cyber" carriers, that Harkis, Pieds-Noirs, and their descendants have used to transmit understandings of the colonial past reveals the evolving concerns of members of these communities and the changing ways in which they have imagined themselves, particularly in relation to the rest of French society.

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Harki and Pied-Noir case studies offer insight into the politics of collective memory in Fifth Republic France. As groups with different racial and cultural backgrounds, they have radically dissimilar levels of power, resources, and visibility.


A comparative approach also highlights the different roles that gender and generation have played in shaping Harki and Pied-Noir collective memories. Finally, as products of the French colonial project, these communities and their collective memories provide an opportunity to explore France's complicated rapport with its imperial past. I challenge the notion that conflicting memories of this period should be interpreted in the framework of "memory wars," as it obscures the productive work of memory.

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Harki and Pied-Noir narratives and practices have almost always been aimed at fostering inclusion, carving out spaces for reconciliation, and providing a basis for belonging in France. Parents: This work has no parents. Tweet Share. Master's Papers Deposit your masters paper, project or other capstone work.

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