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is geologically unstable as a movie, and our current understanding of plate tectonics says that it could never happen that way. Day After.
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We have a posted answer explaining this effect but how it's important in this answer and how it was first noticed is by the fact that it moves the position of the equinoxes, and solstices with a period of 26, years in a complete circle around the sky westward along the ecliptic. So the position of the winter solstice moves degrees in 26, years. Defining an exact boundary for the plane of the Milky Way is tough, but it's at least degrees wide across much of the sky, meaning that the solstice can be described as being "in the plane of the Milky Way" for years!

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To put it another way, the winter solstice that just past was only 0. In any case the Sun crosses the plane of the Galaxy twice every year as we orbit around it, with no ill effect on Earth.

For another detailed answer covering these and other points relating to Mayan calendar predictions and Astronomical events see here. Karen was a graduate student at Cornell from She went on to work as a researcher in galaxy redshift surveys at Harvard University, and is now on the Faculty at the University of Portsmouth back in her home country of the UK. Her research lately has focused on using the morphology of galaxies to give clues to their formation and evolution.

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She is the Project Scientist for the Galaxy Zoo project. What's going to happen on December 21st ? For example there is a: 1 Jan every year day 1 every month Monday every week 1am every day The Mayan cycles were a bit more complex, such that every day in a 52 year period had a unique name from a combination of various different cycles similar to the idea that there is a Monday 1st January only every 7 years or so.

What Will Really Happen in 2012? : Mysteries of the 13 B'Aktun Paradox Decoded...

To conclude: The Mayan calendar does not predict the end of the world on Dec 12th The exact date of the end of the current Mayan Long Count is still a matter of debate amongst Mayan scholars, although it is likely to be around Dec 21 The Mayan calendar is cyclical, and there are names for cycles longer than 13 bactuns of the Long Count which are coming to an end in Even if the Mayans did believe that the world would come to an end at the end of the Long Count which I don't believe is true , there is no reason to assume that they have any special knowledge which would allow them to make this prediction correctly.

You are free to believe the Sun won't come up tomorrow, but it will anyway The fact that the winter solstice on is "aligned" with the plane of the Galaxy has no significance. It takes the winter solstice years to cross the plane of the Galaxy. The solstice last year was within 0. The Sun crosses the plane of the Milky Way twice every year with no ill effect.

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Why doesn't the length of each day change much around the solstices? Most Recent. If I were hypothetically wearing a spacesuit and sitting on one of the Voyager space probes at their current positions in space, how much light would I have? Intermediate What makes certain lunar eclipses so special?

Surely, we would never pit innocent children against each other for mere entertainment!

ScienceCasts: Why the World Didn't End Yesterday

Are you sure Jimmy? But, then again, perhaps future-me will be rereading this post on my iBrain 3 Apple, call me!

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