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Another name for a “competitive advantage” is “moat”, like the ring of and vet business, and said that it did not have a wide, durable moat.
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The companies which appear cheapest relative to their valuation are included in the index and subsequently bought by the ETF when it is rebalanced. VanEck was founded in as a specialist global investing business. Around a decade after being founded by John C. The most popular global shares markets for ETFs include:. Over the ultra-long-term, global shares have proven to be among the best-performing asset classes.

However, it is also one of the riskier investments you can make, as measured by standard deviation or volatility.

2 undervalued narrow-moat ASX stocks

When you're investing in global ETFs it's worth noting whether or not you're prepared to take on the risk that the currency moves in your favour or against you. Typically you'll have two options:. Finally, take note of where your international ETF is 'domiciled' by reading its PDS or the ETF Issuer's website because this -- sometimes hidden -- feature could meaningfully affect your tax.

When you're comparing global ETFs it's important to understand which index your fund is tracking because slight changes in the index's definition of sectors or geographies can impact the risk-return profile of the ETF.

Note: you should always consult a licensed and trusted financial adviser before doing anything. This information is factual information and should not be considered financial advice. According to academic study, when you invest globally, you may be lowering some of your risks. For example, you won't have all of your eggs in your 'Australia basket'. This ETF could be used as part of a ' tactical ' or ' satellite ' allocation in a diversified long-term portfolio because of its unique strategy, costs, risk-reward profile and the expectation of long-term returns.

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A core-satellite approach puts investments into two 'buckets' depending on the expected risk and returns. The 'core' is the larger part of an investment portfolio and could be reserved for more conversative investments.

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For example, this might include diversified, low-cost and easy to understand funds, bonds, shares or ETFs. The 'satellite' or tactical bucket is the smaller part of a portfolio e. In this section, investors might decide to take more risk, invest in unique or unproven strategies, buy fast-growth individual shares, etc. Tactical strategies could be higher risk, higher cost and more complicated strategies that are used in the hope of outperforming the averages e.

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Moat Investments in India - Heather Brilliant, CEO, Morningstar Australia on ET NOW

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  5. Below, I detail three ASX-listed companies which have proven it can be done. But how about the future? More on them below. In my opinion, ARB fails the fourth point on my checklist: valuation.

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